Mini Match By Jibrizy Taylor

Chosen card visually appears inside your matchbook. As if that's impossible enough, you shrink the matches

It seems like the genius mind of Jibrizy Taylor just cannot stop creating. Known far and wide for his masterful yet contemporary approach to close up magic, Jibrizy once again wowed us with Mini Match: A slick, modern card trick with one of the most visually stunning endings we’ve seen yet.

Make no mistake, Mini Match is actually two illusions in one. You start by asking your audience to choose a card, and claiming you’ll find it’s perfect match. You produce a pack of matches, and in half a blink it’s transformed into their card. With any other effect, you’d be enjoying your applause and calling it a night, but not with Mini Match. Just to make the onlookers night a little more special, you suddenly wave your hand over the matches and they shrink smaller than a nickel. Try handing it out as a souvenir while your audience is reeling in astonishment.

This effect is clean, quick, and simple. You’ll be able to perform the trick easily after just minutes of practice. It works great as an ice breaker, and always gets a good laugh before ending with a thunderous round of applause. The one-two combo that Mini Match boasts has never failed to create a memorable experience, and as such it’s an absolute must have for anyone who prides themselves on being the life of the party

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