Corner Project By G and Sansminds

 32 IMPROMPTU CLOSE-UP MIRACLES. The most surprising collection of magic to come out of nowhere

Visual effects are rare, visual AND impromptu effects are hard to come by. From the mind of V2F, WI, and Imagine, G. offers ' 32 ' visual and impromptu effects in a limited release dual disk set... You heard us right! Not one, not five, NOT TEN, but THIRTY-TWO impromptu effect that you can equip yourself for the unprepared moments!

2010 is a special year for G. and Sans Mind productions. 

This is your chance to peek into G.'s private arsenal. Equip yourself with more than 30 effects with everyday objects you can borrow and perform in unprepared moments. Modern visual magic. Be ready to be inspired by G.'s outside of box thinking. From very simple method based effect to hardcore sleight of hand, a solid variety for performer in all level. 

Get it now while you can...

DVD 1 includes:

Deck Production
Fire Production
Impromptu Straw Split
Accessory Flight
Shuriken & Machanic Top Shot
Visual Drop Change
Impromptu Haunted Card
Casual Fllick Change
Band Zone
Utility Move - Reverse/Change
Impromptu Signed Coin Through Case
Retention Card Control
Easy coin Miracle
Psychic Unlock (bonus)

DVD 2 includes:
Impromptu Toss Transformation
Click Link
G Force
Borrowed & Link
Impromptu Folding Chip
Quick Fix
Propless Penetration
Rotation Pass
Muscular Vanish/Change
Visual Cut Change
Psychic Pop
Instant Matrix
Pearl Change (bopnus)

CGI (bonus)

                                                                                Dvd 1

                                                                    Part 1                           Part 2

                                                                                   Part 3


                                                                                  Dvd 2

                                              Part 1                 Part 2

                                                        Part 3
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  2. Part 3 of dvd2 is dead, could you reupload it please?