Wayne Houchin Penguin Live Lecture

earn stunning illusions and baffling effects from this masterful con-man, street magician, and daredevil

What will he teach

Strange Ideas​ is the new presentation from Wayne Houchin whose work as a performance artist, magician, and dare­devil has made him one of the most popular mystery entertainers in the world. Part performance and part lecture, ​Strange Ideas​ features a variety of new magic and surprising variations from the creator of Sinful: The Signed Coin in Can, French Kiss, Thread, Stigmata, Counterfeit (torn & restored card), and Ultragaff. You will learn magic with needles, string, a helium balloon, dollar bills, cards, and more. Houchin’s magic is powerful and practical and is suitable for both close up and parlour style performances.

A Single Needle


The Drawing to Impossible Location

The Transposition of a Torn Bill


and more

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