Uncaged By Finix Chan and Skymember

Chewing gum is basically a stuff that will be used by the most magician as a trick with the day gone by and also in the present. By the time, Finix Chan has come out the visual wonder with the sealed pack of gum. With Blessing and Permission from Alan Rorrison, we are proudly present to you “Uncaged”.

Imagine this, you will present two sealed pack of gums to the spectator and then ask he or she to select one between them. The chosen pack of gum will keep at the back pocket. Then, the switch is visually happening in front of the spectator's eye with gentle rubs on the gum pack. Now, the spectator is asked to take out the pack of gum that stay at the back pocket entire time. What the spectator will found out is just the swapped pack of gum. The trick looks so simple, but the effect haven't ended yet. Just before the spectator can digest the impossible moment, with the next level of the switch by just doing some magical gesture, it also switched the gum sticks inside those gum packs which totally sealed all the time. The best part? Everything can be hand out straight away for examination.

Variations that you will learn:

Rub Change: Simply rub the pack of gum and the flavor will change.

Touch Change: The change that happened in spectator's hand.

Frosty Mind: Illusion of two gum Transpo.

Feather in the air: A stick of gum visually appeared at the top of the pack of gum

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