Quarterly Report By Rick Lax


At least, that’s how it SEEMS…

This is Quarterly Report, a new routine by Rick Lax. It isn’t meant to FOOL spectators; it’s meant to leave them thinking you have the POWER to CONTROL THEIR ACTIONS…with your WORDS. 

Like a Jedi.

It doesn’t end with “Ta-da!”; it ends with a scientific explanation of HOW you did WHAT you did. 

Now, as it happens, this “scientific explanation” is a COMPLETE LIE…but your spectators will believe it EVERY TIME. It’s THAT convincing. 

Here’s how the demonstration looks:

You give a quarter to a spectator. You tell her that in a minute she’ll hold it in one of her hands…but that you ALREADY know which hand she’s going to put it in. She mixes the coin up, brings it forward…and then you PROVE to her that you knew EXACTLY where it would end up.

It’s easy to do and easy to carry. It’s the PERFECT lead-in to any other psychological demonstration you already perform. 

Oh, and if you don’t already perform a psychological demonstration; Rick will teach you a BONUS demonstration, on the download. NO EXTRA CHARGE. 

Quarterly Report isn’t flashy. It’s not going to make people scream. BUT it WILL FULLY convince your friends and spectators that you can CONTROL THEIR ACTIONS WITH YOUR WORDS.

Powerful, next-level stuff. For real

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  1. can you upload Reverse Psychology by Rick Lax if you have it pls?

  2. This is one of my favourite. It's really great to see those reactions I get from performing this simple yet stupid effect. I've been caught once for this for performing on a family friend but it all ended with a laugh.