Organic Choice By Ryan Stock

Unlock a powerful secret to READ MINDS. Comes complete with EVERYTHING you need

You’ll CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO. And NOBODY will suspect a thing.

Organic Choice LOOKS and FEELS EXACTLY like a REAL RECEIPT. But the items on the list UNLOCK A POWERFUL SECRET…that allows you to perform a JARRING mind reading demonstration AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE.

Your friend picks ANY item on the receipt. And then, LETTER-BY-LETTER, you reveal the item to her. There’s no guesswork and no memory work. In fact, Organic Choice’s SECRET CODE is PRINTED RIGHT ON THE RECEIPT! You just have to know what to look for…

Organic Choice, is, HANDS DOWN, Ryan Stock’s most commanding release yet.

When you order Organic Choice, you’ll receive three receipts (in case you lose one or want to keep them in different places.) Each paper is hand-printed by Ryan and Amber and made to look EXACTLY like the real

The big names wanted to keep this trick for themselves. Now it’s your chance to find out why

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
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  1. Do you have Sherlockian by Ben Cardall and Titanas Magic???