Eugene Burger Penguin live lecture 2

 One of the most influential magicians of the twentieth century comes BACK here to Penguin LIVE

What He Will Teach 

Spirit Theatre, How to Haunt a House, and More
Eugene Burger is a world-leading authority on performing magic that involves the spirits.  His book Spirit Theatre (1986) is a landmark work that re-defined this kind of magic for modern audiences.
In this lecture, Eugene will be joined by Lawrence Hass, who has created several spirit theatre and séance shows with Eugene.  They will talk in great detail about performing this special kind of magic and teach the following spirit or Halloween-related routines.
Acrobatic Matchbox - A fun close-up opener that invokes the spirits.
A Bizarre Ritual - Eugene’s latest work on this powerful, spooky piece of close-up theatre.  
Soul Survivor - Eugene’s presentation for Robert E. Neale’s classic effect, followed by Lawrence’s performance with an alternate ending.  Magic Dark and Light.  
The Haunted Bell - Lawrence performs this creepy effect using Eugene’s original script.  Based on an idea by Max Maven.
The Lake Witch Project - Eugene and Lawrence have both performed this powerful effect by Steve Bryant.  It scares the hell out of an audience!
The Ballad of the Harp Weaver - Eugene has performed this classic, disturbing poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay the entire length of his career in spirit theatre.  Eugene will also share a magical ending for the poem created by Jeff McBride.  
The Dark Room - Eugene and Lawrence will discuss one of the deepest secrets of spirit theatre:  how to create a powerful Dark Séance to close the show.
Tools of the Trade:  Birds, Balls, Ectoplasm, and Show Ghosts - Eugene shares some of the backstage tools he created and uses for the Dark Room

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