Crush By Nefesch

This is a super visual Telekinesis type of effect:

Crushed by Nefesch was first released in 2005 in some Spanish lecture notes, then it was re-released in 2009 as part of the "TELEKINEFESCH" book, a book that got great endorsements by Banachek and Richard Osterlind among other professional mentalists; now for the first time in video: CRUSH by Nefesch, but wait.....
..... This is NOT just a "re-release", Now in this video you will learn not only the original Crush version but 2 more versions that are more visual than the original version, in addition I will share with you all my improvements to the original version. This new release takes the original CRUSH to a whole new level of visual!

Borrow a Soda Can
Have it freely inspected by your spectator
Ask him to look closely and not to blink
Shake the soda can a little bit
It will start visually crushing by itself, you can even hear when it is getting crushed! 

Everything is fully examinable before and after, start and end clean.
You can even perform it fully sorounded! 

100% practical
Everything is totally examinable at all time
No chemicals at all
Easy to do
Perform anytime, anywhere

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
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