Arthur Trace Penguin live lecture

Learn beautiful, ingenious close-up from one of the most unique acts in the world of magic today

What will he teach?

Meant to Be  This is an open-prediction effect in which a card is removed and placed with its back in full view. Someone then thinks of a card and the removed card is then shown to match the though-of card.

27  A card is fairly selected and lost in the pack. Someone in the audience is then instructed to pick a number that corresponds to a position in the pack. The cards are counted and the selection is found at that same number.

Pocketed Princess  This is my variation on the Princess Card Trick. No duplicate or gimmicked cards are used in this version. In the end, the thought-of card ends up in the magician's pocket.

Duality  One spectator finds another spectator's thought of card under impossible circumstances.

Relativity Change  This is a color change I created back in 2003. I'll teach the change and various applications for it.

Mom's Advice  Three silver dollars appear and disappear at the magician's fingertips.

Crimped Cup  This is my Cups and Balls routine.

...and more!

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