Torque By Chris Stevenson and World Magic Shop

TORQUE is a custom engineered device that will take your fork bending routine further than ever before

With Chris Stevenson’s groundbreaking gimmick you can add impossible bends to the fork during your existing routine

The Scorpion Bend: The handle of the fork can be bent up at an extreme angle. The audience members will not be able to bend it back even though moments before they saw it perfectly straight prior to it melting like butter at your fingertips

The Tine Twist: This twist is the final nail in the coffin for your spectators! Even though they witness you twisting the tine in plain view the result are not comprehendible. You can twist it once or even go for the double

The Tine Bend: Don't just twist it, bend it! The TORQUE gimmick is utilised and then vanishes from your hands meaning that spectators have no idea that you are using anything other than your own mind

This is the perfect companion to Liquid Metal and the Liquid Forks supplied by World Magic Shop

This is not just for bending, this is fork destruction

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