Self Working Card Tricks By Nate Kranzo

Nate Kranzo equips you with 12 solid miracles that are guaranteed to get amazing reactions

Most can be performed with a borrowed deck. Anytime, anywhere. With some effects taking place in the spectators OWN hands

Whether you're familiar with the fundamentals or not, this download is designed to give you a solid-foundation in magic

No sleights
No memory work
No perfect faros
Easy to perform, but STRONG enough for a working Pro

Featuring expert teaching from a true legend in magic, Nate takes your hand and guides you through each routine in exquisite detail

Allowing you to borrow a deck and perform without painstaking practice

Click Here To Download
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  1. Just so you know, you have a photo of Jay Noblezada's Self Working Card Tricks, not the one by Nate Kranzo! :)