Return to Oz By Justin Miller

A card from a shuffled, and borrowed deck (if ya like) is selected in the most fairest way possible. After an attempt and fail to divine the card you offer a cash reward of . Not wanting to offend your audience with such a measly reward, the bill visibly changes, with zero cover, into a folded playing card, the card is instantly opened 
to reveal the selected card, you are left completely clean at the end. 
start clean/end clean! 

-learn a deceptive force that is 100 percent every time! 

-learn one of the most visual bill/card changes that fits directly into your other money! 

-Learn all of this in a crystal clear 20 min download! 

DIY easy to make gimmick with less than ! 
I have been performing OZ for over a year and it is a AUDIENCE favorite! 

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