repAIR By Michael Kent

Imagine it: You walk up to a group of people. After asking for one of the girls' numbers and being rejected, you pull out a balloon from your pocket and begin to inflate it. You remove a pencil from your pocket and pop the balloon, scaring the crap out of the girl (whom you are probably too good for anyway) and she begins to cry. Let's face it: there's nothing worse than a crying girl. You immediately start to massage the broken balloon pieces until they fuse together, allowing you to blow the balloon up once again. She gives you her number, but you do not call because she's been with all your friends. You instead make a fart noise with the balloon and put it back into your pocket - she does not deserve it

repAIR happens right in front of their faces and you're able to show both hands completely empty before and after the effect. There's no need to load, ditch or swallow anything. It's super practical, extremely baffling, and looks like real magic

Part 1   Part 2
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  1. ¿Me podrias explicar como se abren estos archivos .exe? Cuando lo intento me produen otro archivo .rar o me llevan a la página de inicio de google. Gracias.

    1. abrir la primera parte de cualquier vídeo y reproducir el vídeo, pero asegúrese de que todos los archivos de vídeo son el mismo nombre