Phase By Josh Janousky

A borrowed credit card is pushed through a borrowed bill. Simple, elegant, and impossible. That's "Phase" in a nutshell. With just one sleight-of-hand maneuver, the rest of the routine is slow and gorgeous, and it's a lovely piece of magic to have in your arsenal.

Florida magician Josh Janousky takes you through the entire routine step by step, including self-working alternatives, so that you can perform Phase within minutes of watching.
Works with any banknote (including plastic bills). Does require the simple construction of a small gimmick. Easy to learn and easy to perform.

- There are no switches.
- Everything is borrowed.
- No duplicates.
- You can sign stuff beforehand.
- You can show both sides before, during, and after the routine.
- It works with any currency, and you can use anything that is narrower than a bill (though I suggest a credit card or ID).
- Josh covers a few different handlings, how to construct the gimmick, a few subtleties, and I cover how to use this with plastic currency.
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