Helix By Tom Elderfield

There is an energy that binds the universe together. What if you could be taught to harness that power? to be able to move objects, manipulate matter, with a mere thought.

Move any small object from a distance with the power of your mind, then end completely clean! Without the use of threads, magnets, elastic, blowing, or vibrating systems.

You are taught a haunted deck routine that you will love performing. As well as many different applications all using HELIX

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  1. Hi Magicanoz, I'm really interested in getting these downloads listed, hope you can take a look at them.

    Mark Calabrese At The Table Live 2
    Placebo by Mark Calabrese
    Streamlined by John Carey
    Monet by Alex Pandrea
    Swivel by Simon Black
    Visual Madness 2 by Creative Artists
    Techno Pop by Jack Carpenter
    Reswindled by Caleb Wiles
    Mike Hankins Penguin Live Lecture

    These are some really good downloads for the intermediate card worker as well as mechanics who want to expand their knowledge of card sleights. Would be great if they are avaliable for download. Thanks!