Automata Self Working Magic By Gary Jones and Chris Congreave


Full 52 Productions proudly presents 'Automata' with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - NINE completely self working effects guaranteed to elicit huge reactions

Make no mistake - these are not your run of the mill, novelty self workers. These are PRO LEVEL magic effects, straight from the repertoires of two of the busiest working magicians in the UK

Watch both Chris and Gary completely destroy their audience with 'Metal Sheep' - an amazing multi-coin transposition, 'Fireballs' - a miniature cups and balls miracle and 'Card 2 Matchbox' - think this classic requires sleight of hand? Think again! Then there’s 'Thirty Four' - an amazing multi revelation mentalism peice! All this plus FIVE more effects that you will learn quickly (just follow the steps!) and be able to perform immediately! You’ll be getting massive reactions with none of the work in practically no time at all

'Automata' contains a real mixed bag of material too, from mental effects, tricks with pins, a finger ring, a cell phone, coins, a matchbox, mini fact, only THREE of these killer automatic effects are card tricks

'Automata' - a killer collection of the finest, professional grade, self working material available, all of which you will start using immediately

METAL SHEEP - A stunning multi-coin transpo
CARD 2 MATCHBOX - A classic without the sleights
KINGPINS - a finger ring jumps from one pin to another
FREE PHONE - Mentalism with a spectators phone
POKER CHEAT - They choose the cards - you always win
THIRTY FOUR - A multi-revelation mental masterpiece
BIRTHDAY CARD - Perfect for restaurant workers
PRINCESS REDUX - An old classic - supercharged
FIREBALLS - It’s going straight into your repertoire

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