Toolbiz By Biz

Airoh pop : an appearance of a selected playing card as you riffle the deck
Boxing palm: a new way to have a selected card appear in the card case
CMIYC : an amazing card catch from a deck springed into the air
Freeflow : an "in the hand" flowing four of a kind production
Tree: a four of a kind production for table work
Ohh : a card appears and changes on top of the deck
Pepito: a card angled jogged in a tabled deck magically changes in the blink of an eye
Slow motion card vanish : Biz's take on Vernon Slow motion card vanish with a bonus feature
Slow motion color change : the name says it all
Table (c)alm : palm a card from the classic table spread turnover
Simplified : a useful control/switch
Tenky table palm : tenkai palm a card from a table spread turnover
Underpressure palm : a clever bottom palm from a pressure fan
Idk color change : imagine changing the top card of the deck for a few seconds while doing the waterfall flourish
Waterfall replacement : displace a card to the middle of the deck while doing a waterfall flourish

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