Paul Wilson Pegnuin Live Lecture

What will he teach

A demonstration of fantastic skill ends in a miracle thanks to the spectator's intuition.

A truly powerful utility move that can make miracles happen.

Kung Fu Copper Silver
Three phases of a clean, baffling effect.

Other Than The Fact
An impossible location that has fooled the experts. A surprising and baffling revelation.

Straw Man
An unexpected moment of wonder.

For Ramon
An impossible effect that happens entirely in the spectator's hands.

Royal Road Trip
A powerful, simple version of a classic effect.

Two Adds
Two utility sleight for miracles.

VT Transfer Aces
The spectators find four Aces with a clean, open handling.

Not JUST Card Tricks
Understanding that magic is in the effect, not the props.

A cards to pocket routine that combines two approaches to a classic effect.

The Thirteen Paths
Lessons in magic.


R. Paul Wilson is a world renowned expert on cheating. He is also an award winning conjuror and magic inventor

He has been studying sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since he was eight years old. After twelve years as a computer systems consultant, he became a professional performer and lecturer before moving into the film and television industry

Since May 2000 Paul has worked as an actor, presenter, writer, producer and director. He has created, developed and produced television shows for NBC, CBS, A&E, BBC, CANALE 5, RAI 2, Court TV and Tru TV

He has advised casinos on cheating and, thanks to his unique talents and expertise, has been keynote speaker for major corporations and institutions around the world including Mastercard and Cambridge University.

Paul has worked on projects with Sylvester Stallone, Stuart Townsend, Jamie Foxx, Gabriel Byrne, Thandie Newton, Bo Hopkins, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys, Andy Garcia, Jason Bateman and Jeremy Piven.

Paul’s film credits include: Second Unit Director, Cheating Advisor and actor in “Shade” (2004). He directed and starred in the highly acclaimed opening titles, which featured expert sleight of hand with cards. He also appears as “Mr. Andrews”, a poker playing card cheat.

He has a role in Joe Carnahan’s Smokin Aces and was magic advisor on the film, training the lead actor (Jeremy Piven) to handle cards like an expert

He produced A&E’s hit show Mondo Magic , advised Criss Angel for his hit TV show, appeared on “Modern Marvels’” casino technology episodes and is the resident cheating expert on Italian TV’s “Arcana” show

Paul co-created, produced and starred in Court TV’s “The Takedown”, a twelve episode series where Paul was challenged to beat Casino security systems. He went on to write and present “The Real Hustle” for the BBC. The show is a hit in the UK with eleven successful seasons and a US version commissioned by Court TV.

Paul was the host of VOOM’s “Ultimate Tourist Scams” and has written and presented a one hour special for BBC ONE where he performed the impossible for members of the public

As Consultant Producer, Paul developed and worked on two seasons of the BBC One’s hit saturday night show “The Magicians”. Paul worked behind the camera producing incredible illusions that he helped to create for the show plus consulted on filming, editing and writing for each show. Backstage he was responsible for making sure every effect was rehearsed and ready before the show went live to seven million viewers

Paul also served as Consultant Producer for the Canale 5 show “La Grande Magia”, helping competitors, judges and production staff to navigate the difficulties of making a large-scale magic show for television

In 2011, Paul co-created, wrote, directed, produced and starred in “SCAMMED” for the History Channel. This two-hour special featured a brand new version of the Nigerian 419 scam, designed to target a new generation of potential victims. Inviting a former “mark” to take part, creating a specially tailored con and using classic scams to prove anyone is a target made “Scammed” a fresh, entertaining way to expose these crimes and protect the public.

As a magician, Paul is a highly regarded writer, creator and lecturer with countless original inventions used by professional magicians around the world. He is also a performer with a huge repertoire of original effects and a reputation for classical conjuring using cutting edge methods

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