Mark Elsdon Penguin Live Lecture

What will he teach


The perfect opener, super-visual fooling magic that sets the bar high

A practical, any-deck, any-time, on-the-fly four card coincidence. A Bill Goodwin favorite

No Way! Two-way
An impossible prediction that WILL fool you

The Inevitable
This is the trick that Mark uses to close every private party. Paul Vigil said: "One of the strongest and most clever uses of The Invisible Deck I've ever witnessed. It went directly into my performance repertoire


Rubik Remembered
The full work on Mark's incredible blind-folded Rubik Cube solve, the closer in his stand-up show

Rubik Predicted
A great pocket trick for when you don't have a Cube with you.

A worker of a book test, that can be done with ANY book. Perfect for cabaret/stand-up

Memorise a shuffled deck, and a participants voice patterns in under 10 seconds. Clean, direct mentalism

Kings Divine
Straight mind-reading with playing cards. Not all mentalists like this kind of thing, but all audiences do


Mark gets to eat his favorite chocolate bar, and no one can stop him

A perfect anytime, anywhere triple prediction using whatever is to hand... and some cunning linguistics

Celebrtity ME
The perfect way to hand out your business card 

Background and suggested reading. Theoretical basis plus practical approach. Tips for learning to become an expert

Conversation As Mentalism 

Six killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, anyplace and without any props! These effects and more have been designed with one outcome in mind – to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks

Plus practical tips on how to make yourself much more memorable, opinion about why most mentalism is so terrible (and what to do about it!), a bona fide unpublished Peter Kane trick and 6 tools that WILL make you more creative. AND, against better advice, he will explain how several of his marketed effects are done

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