John Shryock Penguin Live Lecture

What will he teach
John’s comprehensive lecture teaches not only great tricks, but how to perform great magic as well. The lecture is taught in a “let’s have fun” manner with plenty of room for questions about any aspect of magic, from “What makes a trick work?” to “How do I get booked on a Cruise Ship?” to “Where do you find the right kind of music
A wide range of topics from act structure to the proper use of various sleights to stage presence are covered in this entertaining and informative session. Featured topics include
XIRTAM: John’s reverse Matrix routine. Beautifully structured and only uses four coins and four cards. A true lesson in natural movements
Ambitious, Triumphant, Color Changing Deck: An Ambitious card, a Triumph, and a Color Changing Deck, all in the same routine with one deck of cards. And, at the end of the trick, you're completely clean
Copper, Silver, Brass “Trio”: A staple of John’s act for fifteen years. Three different coins magically assemble under two cards. This one will fool you hard
Cards-R-Us: Any number of spectator's cards are selected and secretly controlled to the top of the deck. The cards are then found, each in a different and entertaining manner. John's favorite impromptu routine. The audience always goes crazy
Classic Cups and Balls: Johns take on this classic effect in magic. This is John's show closing routine. The lessons learned form John’s thinking and structure of the routine will help in all aspects of your magic

Ring in Walnut: Recently featured on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” A borrowed ring ends up in a walnut. A true reputation maker. This one will knock your socks off

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