Cullology By Harapan Ong

Cullology is a triumphant project by our newest team member, Harapan Ong. The download contains 50 minutes of useful and detailed tuition covering culling basics, right through to advanced techniques and tricks utilizing the cull

You'll learn

Cull Masterclass: everything you need to know to do the cull smoothly and effortlessly. Harapan is a master at the technique and you can be too. He also teaches two new moves that utilise the cull: Buckle Replacement and Cull Tap Reversal

Buckle-lectors: four Kings displace into random position in the deck and then collect in the middle, with three selections below them. Considered card magic construction at its best

Indicated Replacements: the spectator inserts the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs into various positions of the deck in order to find three selections in increasingly move impressive ways

Come Back to Displace: a multi-phased handling of Bill Goodwin's "Slap Exchange" that will take you off guard

Mental Reverse: a modern day reworking on the "Biddle Trick" with several interesting new additions

Now onto the tricks

Buckle-lectors: As the name sort of gives off this trick uses the Buckle replacement. The effect is basically 3 cards are selected and lost, the kings are then placed ontop of the deck with a shake they disperse into different areas in the deck. Then with another shake they meet in the middle with the three selections

I think this is a really cool use for the replacement technique and i enjoy using it, You could even just do the collectors part of the effect rather than doing the whole routine. You can play around with it to your own liking

Indicated Replacements: Another one using the Buckle Replacement. The basic effect is, an Ace, Two and Three out to the side. The spectators select three cards and they are lost, The spectator then places the Ace, Two and Three into the deck face up in different positions. From here the magician counts from the Face up 3 down three cards and one of the selections is there. (If that made sense) It happens with the rest of them aswell

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