Chaptrick By Mark Jenest Presented By Matthew Johnson

The reactions are crazy good

Learning how a professional magician gets crazy-good reactions out of a pocket-trick is a beautiful thing. And to learn a great trick at the same time is a total home-run

The Pro: Matt Johnson
The Trick: Chaptrick by Mark Jenest

A selected card is torn, then VANISHES
It reappears inside a chapstick tube THEY'RE HOLDING
almost completely healed
and the corner matches exactly

Matt Johnson knows (surprisingly well) how to get all types of crowd excited. In this very thorough tutorial, you'll see MULTIPLE full performances, and learn exactly how he gets HUGE reactions from this little gem

PROFESSIONALS: Easy to carry, and instant reset makes Chaptrick a worker's DREAM. The fact that crowds go FREAKING WILD for it is kinda nice, too

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