Cardistry High By Zach Mueller and Noel Heath

Cardistry High is a lot of things. But, mainly, 3 things

Cardistry High is a tutorial download. Over 40 cardistry moves created by Noel Heath and Zach Mueller are taught in detail. The majority of moves focus on isolations (moving the hand around an isolated card) and angels (sticking cards to your fingers). Aside from these, there are also packet cuts, OH cuts, and whatever category of move bloom and bloom 2 are in. “Floating Cards” is broken down move-by-move, and the homie Hok from Quest Crew teaches basic body isolations used in dancing. We hope you will use these ways of practicing isos to eventually create your own. The full Cardistry High Download will be waiting in your inbox ready to watch on Dec 4, 11pm PDT

Cardistry High is a Cardistry Video. The dopest, weirdest, and longest cardistry video we’ve made to date. It’s over 20 minutes long, we drop all our newest moves, and we get weird. We teach cardistry to finger tutters, we filled a bounce house with cards, we go to an abandoned mall, it’s a good time. What you saw in the trailer, ain’t got nothing on the full video. We wanted to make our own cardistry version of skate videos we like watching. This cardistry video, called “Cardistry High” will be released for free, on YouTube, Dec 4 at 11pm PDT. An even longer cut with more behind-the-scenes footage will be included with the Cardistry High Download

Cardistry High is meant to show how much fun you can have with cards. Stretch your creativity, the best ideas are stupid, invent new stuff, show the world, have fun

Cardistry High is the first time we’ve charged solely for our cardistry tutorials. We’ve put a lot into it, and hope you get a lot out of it

Cardistry High Full Video   Zach Tutorial Part 1   Zach Tutorial Part 2   Hok Explanation   Noels Tutorial
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