Trap By Alex Pandrea And The Blue Crown

They sign. They tear. You restore

TR.AP is a direct and visual piece of magic that leaves audiences stunned. A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator folds the card and then cleanly, unmistakably tears it in half. With a light touch, the magician fuses the two halves back together, allowing the spectator to examine and keep their signed card immediately

Unlike other T&R routines where the magician does everything, TR.AP provides an incredible level of audience involvement. Because they are the ones who fold and tear the card, there is no doubt in their mind that the card is really torn, making it that much more impossible when the two halves reconnec.

Can be Performed Signed or Unsigned
Easy to do
No tape, glue, magnets, or gimmicks
Spectator examines and keeps the card

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