Surge By Mickael Chatelain

Mickael Chatelain surges onto the scene in his Ellusionist debut.
A 3-phase telekinetic time-bomb that puts the power of psychokinesis in your spectators hands

Phase 1
Balance a freely selected card upright on the table, and with nothing else, cause it to fall over on your command

Phase 2
Well you could of just blew it right? WRONG. To prove your newly-acquired powers are real (not just air), you place their card against the card box, and cause it to again fall down under your

Phase 3
They've seen the magic. Now they can FEEL it!
The spectator signs their selection and a corner is torn from it. Under James Randi-esque conditions, you can cause the corner to fly off their hand, finally proving that psychokinetic phenomenon is REAL

 Custom-made gimmick with 4 replacements included.
 No wires, thread or magnets
 Minimal sleight of hand required
 Nothing in your hands
 Perform surrounded

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