Static Levitation By Manoj Kaushal

Time will seemingly stand still

The moment of astonishment will linger. Your audience will never forget this perfect new levitation

With STATIC you will perform never-before-possible STATIC LEVITATION

Float and animate bills in new and impossible ways

STATIC features 5 phase theatrical routine for close-up, stand-up and stage

Each phase has been refined to optimize the use of the STATIC system. Movements are minimal and simple for anyone to learn. The method is relatively easy, which is important since levitations should appear effortless and fluid

This instructional comes with a BONUS - designed to build suspense and demonstrate the impossible

A crumpled bill is placed on the back of a spectator's hand. You cup your hands around the bill and the spectator feels the bill lift off. Your hands lift up slowly and the bill remains unseen. As you move your hands away the bill remains suspended in mid-air

No complicated hook-ups
Easy get-in and get out
Offers new possibilities for animations and suspensions
Sets up in seconds
New method for levitating from a spectator's hands, without ever touching the bill
New stabling technique to make levitation truly static
Now anyone can perform a deeply astonishing STATIC LEVITATION

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