P'INK By Ran Pink

Ran Pink understands the mind of a creative magical ARTIST. After years of research and development, he’s created something that generates “infinite possibilities” with one very special device. Until now only a handful of magicians and mentalists have had access to P’ink. It’s been used for magic on television, youtube, stage and now it’s time to see what you can do with it

Perfect for creating powerful magic for any audience. From effects that can be pulled from your wallet in a casual setting to routines for formal performances

Portable, subtle, and customizable


One specially formulated custom ink marker that allows you to take control over your drawings like never before
Writing vanishes and appears like a cinematic special effect. This can be done in secret for devious mentalism or right under a spectator’s nose for some eye candy

87 minute Video Download that teaches you everything you need to know and more


EFFECTS with full performances and explanations covering many subtleties
Reburn: Burn a match, heal it in a spectator’s hand, and relight it

How To Read: Make spectators lose their ability to read like never before

Card Morph: One card prediction changes to another like a special effect from a movie

Flea Circus: Make flea drawings jump from one side of a card to another. Hand it out as a souvenir

Water Transform: Plunging any word or drawing into a glass of water morphs it into any other word or drawing

Heads or Tails: Never lose at a game of heads or tails

Triple Coin Prediction: Accurately predict three coin tosses. The prediction is in view the entire time. It’s so fair it’s unfair!

Heat Sleeve: Using something as easy to come by as a Starbucks sleeve, make an image disappear from one cup and appear on another. Or make the Starbucks mermaid/siren make magical revelations

Sharpink: Included artwork that disguises your marker as a Sharpie

Ran Pink, Andrew Gerard, and B. Smith exchange ideas about P’ink, Reburn, How To Read, Card Morph, Transpositions, Dual Reality, and more

There’s so much to get you started that you’ll be creating custom gimmicks in no time. Make hundreds of gimmicks with one P’ink marker depending on the effects you are designing. The gimmicks will last for as long as you take care of them as taught in the video

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