Morgan and West Penguin Live Lecture

Morgan & West have produced a dizzying volume of original performance material in a staggeringly short space of time Their performances are original, compelling and unique. I consider myself their biggest fan - Luke Jermay

It would be inaccurate to describe Morgan & West as one of a kind, because there are two of them. The result is an approach to magical teamwork that is delightful and innovative. And, by the way, although I don't know which routines they'll be teaching, my prediction is that they'll fool you -- and make you like it! - Max Maven

Morgan & West are among my favorite acts. Their material is innovative, their presentations are fascinating, and best of all, their show is so very whimsical. I am in awe of their material, and I will look forward to this unique opportunity to find out more about how and why they do what they do - Joshua Jay

What will they teach

The Real Transported Card - Two spectators are invited to the stage, where they select and sign cards. Without the spectators, the cards, or either of the magicians on stage ever crossing the stage, the signed cards impossibly teleport from one side to the other

Hopes and Fears - Four spectators come onto the stage and are instructed to think of either a hope or a fear. By feeling the backs of the spectator's heads, Mr. West not only deduces who is thinking of a hope and who is thinking of a fear, but also the exact fear they are thinking of

Balloon Animals of Death - A spectator is given the task of naming a new sidekick for Morgan & West. One by one, balloon animals are paraded in front of the spectator who decides which should 'die' and which one will 'live'. The spectator's choice of animal and name is predicted on a metal nametag found in an envelope they have been holding since the beginning of the trick

Happy Rotter - Morgan & West invite a spectator to choose any of the volumes of JK Rowlings famous wizarding books, the audience picks a page, the spectator freely chooses a word on that page. Morgan & West have predicted every choice - book, page, and word - but incorrectly. Luckily Morgan & West have a time machine and manage to fix everything with a spot of time travel

Hearing With The Ears - Mr. Morgan is blindfolded and a spectator brings a handful of change to the stage. Coins are dropped in a glass bowl and Mr. Morgan correctly identifies them by sound alone, culminating in correctly counting an entire handful of change dropped into the bowl. When the spectators driver's license is dropped in the bowl, Mr. Morgan is even able to hear details printed on the card

Forgery - Morgan & West display four identical pictures of the duo. Three are 'fake' and one is 'real'. A spectator is asked to choose, one by one, which are fake. The fakes are marked on the back for later disposal. Morgan & West reveal that the spectator is correct in their choice not only by way of a sealed envelope, but also because the three "fake" pictures have transformed into a series of increasingly absurd images


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