Legend With Cards By Kris Nevling

Learn the REAL secrets
Want to build a reputation as an expert card magician? Then you need to know the inside secrets, the closely-held methods of the magicians who are the best in the business. Up until now, these techniques have been unavailable to you. But not anymore

Master card expert Kris Nevling, originator of the incredible K'Link effect and the Band-It DVD, reveals his incredible and clever card handling techniques that will allow you to control any card, perform convincing false shuffles, smoothly execute tricky card steals and passes, and much more. On this DVD, you will learn Nevling’s original card moves that have never been published or seen anywhere until now

Plus- you will learn some truly incredible card effects. The first effect on this DVD, The Convincer, is well worth the price alone! It's a card control miracle- with no sleight of hand required, if you can believe it! Let your spectator freely choose ANY CARD, then have him place it back in the middle of the deck. Do a simple shuffle, and instantly, turn over the TOP card on the deck- it's the spectator's card

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