Flap Cards By Alexis De La Fuente

Want a sure fire gimmick that can achieve some pure visual moment of magic

Want something that will make your spectator's eyes pop out

Wait.. This sounds like a hyped trick, directly from the biggest industry in magic. While the effect is as visual as I told you, this download is a little more casual than most of the DVD you already have. Casual but filled with tips, information, very detailed instruction about how to make your own flap cards

Don't be scared, this is very easy to make ! You can also repair it very quickly and adjust the tension of your gimmick

Did I mention it costs nearly nothing ? (well, a little bit of your time but not that much

Prepared yourself to achieve some of the most visual magic you've ever seen

As for the main effect,, I include my personal effect called "Sign" which can be the end of your ambitious card routine. Make your signature jump in the deck

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