Cinch By Shaun Robison

Cinch is a bill change that lives up to its name. Not only is Cinch one of the most visual bill switches you will ever see but it’s also one of the easiest you will perform. The Cinch bill switch is clever and uses a non traditional gimmick that makes the effect a breeze to perform. Unlike other effects where a bill instantly changes, Cinch takes very little time to set up and perform. We include everything you need to perform and with the super simple set up you can perform this almost instantly out of the box. Also included on the Cinch DVD are variations on the basic effect and additional PDF’s included to give some bonus ideas that will inspire even more creativity with this awesome gimmick. Creator and full time professional magician Shaun Robison teaches you in great detail on how to use Cinch to its fullest potential including the ultra easy way to hand everything out for examination

Part 1    Part 2
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