Arbey Plus By Adolfo Masyebra

Adolfo Masyebra presents a new DVD

80 minutes of theory, new managements and 4 effects explained in detail by Adolfo, an expert on the subject itself

In addition, the DVD includes a package of Arbey Plus so you can begin now to work

the Haunted Deck Adolfo is the best addition to your arsenal. "- Daniel Garcia, USA

I never liked to do effects with HEI, but after seeing the workings of Adolfo
I have started to work with ArbeyPlus. Excellent work  "- Mariano Goñi, Argentina

"With these new maneuvers, the method (HEI) and are not not only see, but neither is sensed. Bravo for Adolfo." - Dani Daortiz, Spain

"Tremendous time when my own hand began to ascend the letter I chose my own deck mixed. And still fascinated by knowing the mischief that makes this weapon a wonderful brutality. Bravo!" Kiko Pastur, Spain

"When it appears that no longer gives an idea more and more comes to finding someone new corners, makes us feel the infinite before us and that has managed Adolfo" - Miguel Angel Gea, Spain

"Outside fears. With Arbey Plus can trust the HEI and always be prepared to make pure real magic for your audience." - Monton Borja, Spain

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  2. Thanks for the upload! How can i download this pirate version of my hard work?
    Adolfo Masyebra