Triple Rising By Jean Pierre Vallarino

This could be an ideal “Rising Card” magic. Why

- No thread, no weights, not even an electric system are used for the effect

It’s Simple, yet full of clever ideas

Magician invites three spectators to choose one card for each.
The magician asks them to sign on the cards
The cards are returned to the deck

The deck case is shown completely, and the magician shows his hand to prove that there is nothing suspicious
With magician’s magical words, one by one, each chosen card rises up from the case like a ghost

After the performance, the cards can be spread out to show that it’s normal deck of cards

We called this Triple Rising Card, but you can cause as many as 4-5 cards to rise up out of the case

Well-made gimmick and the cleverest idea by master magician, J-P Vallarino

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