The Fanthom Change By Zach Mueller

t's a hyper-visual color change that happens behind a fan of cards - change between a Jack to a Queen as much as you want - then finish by transforming it into a Joker

The change can happen behind a fan of cards, your hand, and the card can change back and forth behind the fan as many times as you want. Change it once for a beautiful, minimalist color change, or change it 27 times in front of the mirror for fun. We won't judge. The choice is yours

How are the angles? The applications with the fan covering the card have great angles - I perform them for real people all the time. The applications with just your hand for cover - titled 'Hanthom Changes' - are much more angle sensitive, and are more for practice and fun

Learn all 5 applications of The Fanthom Change in Full HD - with over 45 minutes of over-the-shoulder explanation

Welcome to The Fanthom Change. Step inside

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