Odds and Ends By Alan Rorrison

In this brand new video download you will not only learn the effect that Alan performed on National
TV for Penn and Teller but you will also learn THREE more effects that Alan carries with him at all
times. All three effects in this video download have been tried and tested thousands of times to live, paying audiences. These are the visual, hard hitting effects that will get you noticed and have spectators eating out of your hands

"It fooled me!" Penn Jillette

The effects included in this download are

THE MATRIX AS SEEN ON NATIONAL TV! An incredibly open four coin matrix - but the coins jump around in your spectators own hands! Any surface, any time, and it can also be done with borrowed items including the spectators own keys

BE SAFE Peel of the safety label from a lighter and then visually throw it back on in less than a second. At this point your hands are clean as a daisyl

METAL-MORPHOSIS This is a mini illusion where a signed coin switches places with a signed bottle cap under test conditions (new handling included along with an updated gimmick)

THE KEY A borrowed key vanishes and INSTANTLY appears tied to your shoe lace! Its as simple as that

" Alan, That is incredible!" Jonathan Ross

NOTES: In order to perform both 'THE MATRIX' you will need to own a standard, inexpensive magicians prop

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