Icon By Llyod Barnes

loyd's creative mind races

His follow-up from bestseller Diffuse is ICON, fusing magic with technology to create an optical gem that you carry on you at all times

Specializing in super-slow visuals and devastatingly-easy methods, Lloyd looks for that unique moment in a trick where you can deliberately pause the effect, so you can SEE the magic as it happens

ICON allows you to put a torn corner from a signed card on top of your phone screen. A wave of your hand and the corner sinks through the glass and hides under your apps

A brief shake and the corner goes through the phone, out the back and falls into the spectators awaiting hands

- Use a signed card.
- iPhone (5 or higher) or Android. (4.5" - 6" screen size) (must be able to natively display videos in 1.77 aspect ratio)
- No apps...We give you everything you need
- Easy to do

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