Election By Eric Ross

The best party trick with 2 decks and 2 people:

Grab any 2 decks and any 2 friends and you're ready to make some SERIOUS magic happen.

1. Give one deck to each friend.
2. Behind their backs, have them each pick a card and turn it over
3. When they spread through their decks, the cards match!!
4. But here's the big finish.. the chosen cards are from the opposite decks!

Here's the crazy thing: If you want to use 3 people and 3 decks -- YOU CAN. The power and potential of "Election" is pretty amazing.

What I love about "Election" is that everyone ends up feeling special. The two friends performed a "super-coincidence", and in the end it's revealed that you masterminded the whole thing.

PROFESSIONALS: Eric plays the trick really casually. That's his style. But the potential to play this as powerfully as you like is built-in. Use it! If you want to play it simply as a super coincidence, you can even leave out the big finish. Just two people making a connection

You'll love this trick, over and over again each time you perform it.

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