Dare To Be Bold By Peter Turner (Ebook)

Dare to be Bold is the second e-book written by Peter Turner. His first book, co-written with Kenton Knepper was an excellent blend of techniques and presentations that would work for stage and close-up performers. I enjoyed that book so much that I became an immediate fan and decided to get this book. Overall I was quite happy with this book but I would like to caution, he doesn’t call this Dare to Be Bold for no reason. Indeed, you will need a certain swagger and chutzpa to believably pull this off. Don’t let that dissuade you from looking into this book, however! Even if you don’t think you are ready to perform some of this stuff yet I think you will appreciate the exploration of the methods. They will serve you well!

I hedged about whether this was a 5 or a 4 star book and decided on 4 ½. It is almost as good as his first book but his first book truly introduced me to some of these ideas whereas this one expanded upon some of these techniques. For that reason I still have a soft spot for “Devious Realities” but I am also confident that there will be many out there who could see this the other way around.

Who should get this book? Anyone interested in exploring Dual Reality and Instant Stooging. Anyone interested in creating seemingly prop free demonstrations. When we watch Derren Brown we see these ultra clean mentalism performances where he says, “think of a word,” and then he guesses it. We always assume that they edit out the moment where someone jots that info down on a billet. The kind of material Peter Turner creates gives you ways of making those kinds of demonstrations happen. In addition to his work in these two areas the back section of the book, “Peek-a-boo and a Bobbin Too,” teaches some great peeks and switches that are sure to please mentalists who prefer more straight forward, mechanical, and sure fire methods for achieving results. So in conclusion, I really thing that, unless you are a rank beginner, there is something(for me many things) that you will take away from this book that you will use. Another outstanding book from Peter Turner!

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