The Invisible Card By Blake Vogt

Four years in the making
It started as an impossible dream: a simple, powerful, practical effect with a SINGLE playing card

As performed by Blake Vogt close-up, on stage, and for millions of people LIVE on the FOX New Year’s Eve Countdown. This is an effect you will keep in your pocket every minute of every day. When the moment strikes: you’ll be ready

No switches. No setup. No reset
You hold your hand out in a closed fist, and you tell the spectator to think of one card in the deck. They can change their mind as much as they want

Under those impossible conditions, you reveal just ONE card folded in your hand. What card were they thinking of? Jack of Diamonds? You open the card - it matches. 100% of the time

Durable & Built to Last
We spared no expense in creation of this routine, with a goal of making the method as beautiful, efficient, and effective as the trick itself

Includes a handcrafted gimmick engineered by Blake Vogt, Jonathan Bayme, Terry Ady, and Jeremy Hanrahan to last HUNDREDS of performances

Invisible Card includes a handcrafted gimmick, protective pocket carrying case, and HD streaming instruction. You'll have everything you need to perform The Invisible Card for YEARS to come

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Klapklip by Rama Yura

On the "klapklip" trick you play using a paperclip which you can find anywhere, just a normal paperclip.
You can use the paperclip belongs to the audience and you DON'T NEED SWITCH TECHNIQUE, because it actually use the paperclip from the audience. even you can let the audience choose the paperclip to be played.
you will be embedding the paperclip without using thread or glue, you can also make the paperclip to spin if you blow. the great thing again you can give to the audience to hold the paperclip and blows it.
let the audience exam the paperclip before and after you show.

- No switching technique
- No palming


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WTF by Will Tsai

Will Tsai , creator of Human Lottery Roller, Infinity Ring, The Traveling Tag, Stealing Technique, Mind Projector... and nearly 30 limited released killer effects along with 22 private manuscripts that were once only available for the top of the field and a small circle of close friends.
Now, he's sharing his creative mind with one of his recent talk about miracle!
This almost looks too impossible that magicians all over the world have been debating over the Internet about it until now...

 The performer introduces a blue backed deck of cards, fans them out, breaks the spread, and shows them all to be different. A card is selected and remembered and the deck is closed. Placing the deck face down, the performer's hands waves over the deck and instantly and visually, it changes to red! Not just the top card, but every single card in the deck is now red! But that's not all!

Fanning the spread face up, every single card matches the spectator's selection. Every. Single. Card. Amazing!

Highlights: Yes, the spread can be broken and every card can be displayed in full view before and after the change. No odd movements. Just a simple spread and re-spread. Yes, you can allow the magic to happen in spectators' hands and end clean if so desired!

Oh, and did we say there was no force in this effect

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TREY by JT Sexton

JT Sexton is well known in the underground of card magic. This is the first time he's surfaced.

Mixing fast-paced sleight of hand with a chilled performance style, the end result is a smack in the face for the audience.

TREY teaches you three card effects to up your game. (C'mon, that Zarrow fooled you, didn't it?)

You'll learn...

- JT's Tabled Spread Control

- The Sexton Zarrow Variant

- Sexton Collectors

+ Bonus Productions

Unleash your inner move-monkey

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Genie by Kevin Parker

Imagine that you can enchant a bottle - whether your own or a spectator's - which summons a genie inside it which then moves the bottle around on the table once you uncover the mouth of the bottle to stir him up. You clearly are not touching the bottle or coming in contact with it and the way your hands stay still rules out the use of threads. Must-see video.

No use of thread, loops, ITRs, wires, or anything similar.
Ideal for closeup, street, anywhere there's a surface.
No special environmental or surface requirements.
No magnets.
Extremely easy.
Can use borrowed bottle.

An extremely visual, easy-to-do miracle by Kevin Parker

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Night Crawler by CF Yuen

What is Night Crawler? A ring routine with three keywords: SIMPLE, DIRECT, CLEAN.
Imagine BORROWING a ring from your audience and do the MOST DIRECT ring stunt called for: toss the ring into the air and catch it with ONE FINGER. No switch, it's really their ring!
Then, without ANY ADDITIONAL MOVEMENT, you make the ring visually travel to the ring finger, right in front of their eyes. NO Awkward cover, an open-palm travel.
At any time you want, you can instantly give the ring back to your audience. Yes. It's THAT CLEAN!

NIGHT CRAWLER cuts away all the junk and keeps only the magic!
You don't even have to bring your own ring

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The Force by Mathieu Bich

An easy, angle proof, invisible force.

French mastermind Mathieu Bich brings you a simple yet devious sleight called, quite simply, The Force. You hand the spectator a card, riffle the deck, and ask them to tell you when to stop. They proceed to insert the card into the deck - wherever they’d like. The spectator’s choice of where to put the card is completely their own.

You cut to the precise location of their choice, and it's done. A force so powerful, you can literally tell people you won't force them, then proceed to do exactly that! Halfway through, you can even hand them the deck so they can locate the selection themselves!

Powerful - yet diabolically simple.

The Force is a powerful move that requires almost no effort. After just a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to execute The Force every single time. Mathieu Bich covers all of the nuances and details to make this work flawlessly. Jump inside and learn the ways of The Force.

While The Force was created independently by Mathieu Bich, a similar move was published by Stanley Collins in 1950.

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Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

Space Bottle 2.0 is a new generation of levitation. Your spectators will be amazed as THEIR borrowed bottle rotates and levitates as it magically travels from your hands to the trash. This is a POWERFUL, DYNAMIC, levitation that you can do at a moments notice and instantly repeat. You will LOVE the reactions you get with this! Boost your bookings and your reputation with Space Bottle 2.0.

Requires no motors or retractable devices.
Borrow any plastic bottle. Including ketchup, mustard, or soda. Use your imagination.
Hands start and end clean.
Float Sharpie or other writing devices.
No pre-show.
Easy to get in and out of.
Float your bottle or writing device at a moments notice.
Space Bottle 2.0 comes complete with DVD and gimmick.

Space Bottle 2.0 packs small and plays BIG! Don't just throw your bottles away, float them away! Discover the power of Space Bottle 2.0 in YOU! Get your copy today

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Silk Thru Phone by Jeimin Lee

A silk visually penetrates through a borrowed phone

Super visual, strong impact, and practical!


The magician borrows a smart phone from a spectator. He then rubs the silk on the center of the screen and suddenly the silk starts penetrating through the smart phone.

Eventually the silk penetrates all the way through the smart phone

The smart phone is immediately returned to the spectator for examination, however, (of course) there is no slit or secret hole at all!

Super visual yet easy to do. Plus, this miracle can even happen with a borrowed smart phone

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Fire Kit by Martin Braessas

Fire Kit is the future version of the famous effect "Fire from Hands". Fire kit not only produces a great flash of fire from your hands but also turns instantly into the object you want! Imagine grabbing fire with your hand and then turning it into a billiard ball for your stage act or a real cookie to eat at the moment or coins for your close up act or even revealing a card! All this and more is possible with Fire Kit.

It is very easy to perform!

You just grab fire with your hand and then produce the objects that you want!

Instant reset!

Perfect for close-up or stage magic!

The gimmicks last forever!

Produce balls, coins, cards, bills, cookies, dices, sponge balls, and everything that you can imagine

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Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan and Alakazam Magic

The most magical change of four cards you have ever seen!!!

Four spot cards are shown front and back. The cards are mixed face up and face down. Now with no funny moves the cards instantly change to four court cards, which once again are shown front and back!!!

Transcendence is a super quick, ultra-visual packet trick that will fool your spectators badly.

Peter Pellikaan, the undisputed King of crazy packet tricks has created one of the best four card changes we have ever seen!

Transcendence comes complete with everything you need to start using it straight out of the box

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Zodiac Prediction by Liam Montier

An incredible, three phase routine that allows you to predict your spectator's star sign AND selected card... and then turn the rest of the playing cards blank. All with NO moves or sleight of hand. This is mega commercial magic that anyone can do. It's a keeper

Fall by Banachek and Philip Ryan

This is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker. A Sharpie is placed on a table or on a glass. The performer concentrates and the pen falls dramatically to the floor. Simple, direct yet powerful. Both Banachek and Ryan have had people screaming and even running out of a room!

With this updated version by Philip Ryan you can now control the timing of the drop - making it take 15 seconds or up to 2 minute depending on how dramatic you want this to be.

You can control the time of the drop of the pen
No magnets or threads
You can be as far away as you like from the pen when it falls
Includes gimmick Sharpie plus download video
Perform surrounded anytime, anywhere


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Colossal Blizzard 2.0 by Anthony Miller and Magick Balay

A reputation making masterpiece, perfected over 1000s of performances.

Magick Balay transformed a great trick into a masterpiece.

IT WASN'T LUCK. Magick's performed Colossal Blizzard more than anyone in the world. The improvements he's made to it in both method AND presentation transformed it into a work of art.

Spectator names a card, and it turns out to be the only card in an entirely white deck. And EVERYTHING can be examined.

Comes complete with everything you need

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Matahati by Parlin Lay

A spectator hide an object in one of his hand and mentalist is able to quess it three times in a row.mentalist also reveal the details of the hidden object.No electronic,no magnet or any kind of can be done anytime and makes you like a real mind reader

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