Ripcord by Tom Elderfield & Ollie G Smith


Tom Elderfield & Ollie G Smith are some of the premier magic creators on the planet. Consultants for the biggest TV magicians.

Ripcord ushers in a new era of visual magic with borrowed items, taking the pen through bill into the 21st Century.

Ripcord allows you to perform multiple effects with headphones... something people carry on them every day.

Three powerful effects included:

- BORROWED Headphones Through Bill
- Bitten & Restored Microphone Bar
- Signed Card To Headphones
- + The Outrageous Bonus Effect - Travelling Microphone Bar

This expertly-fashioned gimmick can be carried on you at all times. Allowing you to perform organic miracles with totally borrowed items.

Over a year in the manufacturing process

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Crawling by Agustin

Borrow a sharpie and put it on a single playing card. At your command the sharpie start to move by it self! It’s completely under your control.
At the end you can hand back everything for the examination.

- No thread, no loops, no magnet
- Use borrowed sharpie / pen
- Use any borrowed card
- Visual and easy to do
- End clean

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Homemade Gimmicks by Doorway Magic

A 4 DVD collection that teaches you all you need to know about GAFF cards 

Have you ever wanted to give out your gaffed card as a souvenir but couldn't? 

Have you ever wanted to create your own gaff cards? Want to never run out of them? 

Wait no more! The next generation of gaffed card magic is here! In 2006 the Doorway Magic team decided to start a new project called GAFF. The idea was to make a collection of techniques and methods that would allow anyone to create and use their own GAFF cards. After two years of hard work our goal was achieved: A full length 4 DVD set that includes over 40 amazing effects and a detailed collection that will teach you all the techniques and fine details on how to create and make your very own professional looking gaff cards. 

The Doorway Magic team is proud to present: GAFF: Home Made Gimmicks DVD collection 

One of the best references and instruction guides available for learning gaffed card tricks and moves. If you're looking for the best all-around instruction on GAFF magic, this is it. 

This 4-DVD set contains instructions for the tricks and routines suitable for beginners through experts. Perform the most incredible tricks with gaff cards! Learn, step by step from the performer's view, how to construct and perform these gimmicks and tricks! 


DVD ONE - Introduction to GAFF 

Basic Card Handling

Double lift
Fake shuffle
Short Card Force
Bottom Force
Riffle Force
Color Changes
Basic GAFF Techniques
The Gaff Force - the ultimate card force

The rest of the Basic card gaffing techniques that will not be reveled here.
Wicked Little Tricks - a pack of fast, hard-hitting tricks.
Hidden Chamber - a way to produce, conceal and vanish any small object using a deck of cards.
Trailer - the GAFF DVD trailer

DVD TWO - Vol 1 - Cardfinders
Introduction The Traveling
Joker - the Joker Leaves it's card and finds a chosen card
The Automated Rising Card - the simplest, cleanest rising card you'll ever see.
Sharpie Sniper - locate a chosen card by shooting a hole through it with an imaginary gun.
Blur - use the ink from one card to reveal the identity of the chosen one.
Hole - make a spectator cut a piece from his card using his mind.
Black Heart - trying to locate the chosen card, the magician gets it wrong, but the card then changes slowly into the chosen card in 4 slowly occurring stages!
The Hindu Mark - locate a chosen card by letting a printed sign do the work for you.
Say Hello To My Little Friend - the magician paints a small stick figure on the back of one card and the small drown assistant finds and pulls out the card by itself.
The Silent Card Trick - a card trick with no words. Tips & ideas

DVD THREE - Vol 2 - let's go mental!
Mental Board - direct mind reading like you've never seen before.
Crystal Clear - predictions with a twist
My Prediction - a magician's insurance policy
Stab - stab a chosen card in mid-air
497 - a mathematical trick that will fool the best
Burnt - pyrokinetic trick. Make a spectator burn a chosen card with his mind.
Marked For Examination - a double trick: the chosen card is the only card in the deck with a mark on it, and the rest of the cards in the deck are all blank!

DVD FOUR - Vol 3 - Creative Card Magic
The Bite-Out Card - bite part of signed card off - and spit it right back.
Hole Mover - punch a hole through a card and visually move it to another chosen card.
Ace-amble - a unique, unbelievable ace assembly that will blow your mind.
In Your Hand - 2 cards are chosen. One is placed in the card box and the other is outside. With a blink of an eye, they switch places.
Hybrid - make 2 torn cards stick together and create a monstrous hybrid card.
Magic Ink - a fun comedy routine that explains how magicians vanish objects.
Sandwich - chosen card appears between 2 cards that were removed earlier from the deck.
The GAFF DVD collection contains additional tricks, ideas, moves and methods for using and performing with GAFF cards. Learn it now

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                                                                      VOLUME 4

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C-Morph Cash to Card by Marko Mareli


Faster than you can BLINK, change a BORROWED bill into a selected Card.

1. A CARD is chosen and a MONEY-BILL of any currencies is borrowed.
2. The MONEY is held at the fingertips and INSTANTLY changes into their chosen card.

The most AMAZING thing about this transformation is that the two objects are different sizes its instantly repeatable & impromptu. It's like TrickPhotography.


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 Memoria by Fraser Parker

Memoria by Fraser Parker

Following on from the tremendous success of our premier book release "Isabella's Star"; Magicbox is proud to announce the release of our second book titled "Memoria". Memoria is the brain child of Fraser Parker and details the complete work on his most powerful close-up mentalism creation to date. In this book you will find the full history of Memoria, including additional thoughts by Dee Chrstopher and an incredible variation from the one and only Pete Turner.

So what is Memoria?
•Memoria is a devastating routine which allows you to reveal the exact memory of a spectator, this is all achieved without any peeks, or any information written down.
•This updated book contains Fraser's current handling of this effect, past variations and even details an entirely verbal system for achieving this without the need for any props.
•As a result you will have in your possession the skills to read minds any place and any time. The bonus section alone contains a devastating principle that sees print for the very first time.

"They say that an elephant never forgets, after experiencing Memoria you can be sure that your audience won't either

Image result for FraserParker-Memoria

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                                                                                                      Thanks to Ayan Mukherjee
The Crusade - A Mind Reader's ACAAN by Andrew Brown and Atlas Brookings

The Crusade - A Mind Reader's ACAAN by Andrew Brown and Atlas Brookings


The cards rest on the table in front of your first participant, who gingerly takes them up and begins to count down to his secret number - a number that has never been written down, verbalized, or communicated to any other person.

He counts down slowly, card after card, and then, abruptly, stops. He pauses and sets this last card aside. He has never said a word about his number. There is no way that you could have known what it was. He is confident of that.

He slides the card across to the young lady next to him. Her thoughts have been focused on an image - a suit and a value. Again, her choice of card has never been shared. It has never been withdrawn from the pack, never touched and certainly not forced.

She could have been thinking of any card in this deck.

Her hand drifts toward the card on the table. The one separated just now by her boyfriend from the rest of the pack. The one resting at the number that he was merely thinking of.

She hesitates.

The deck is their own, they shuffled it before you ever touched it. They called all the shots every step of the way.

Neither participant has ever given any indication what it was that they were thinking of, and neither believes in the ability to read minds... and yet...if the card she was merely thinking of is here, at the number that he was merely thinking of...

As though she is reaching out to touch her own delicate skepticism, her fingers flit tentatively across the card on the table - her card.

And as she reveals its face, she gasps - it is the Queen of Clubs - but it is more than that. It is belief, radiant and beautiful and glorious, a moment of dawning acceptance that will be remembered because it defied all her reason and filled her ideology with doubt.

It is a moment of pure enchantment.

And you made it happen with a borrowed deck of cards that they shuffled before you ever started.

Take A Moment And Enjoy An Excerpt From The Text:


Before we look at anything even remotely to do with methodology, let's first take a moment to examine the origins of this title. This exercise is undertaken in the hope that you will find beauty in its layered complexity and reassure yourself that the same sort of attention to detail and search for perfection in arriving at a title for this book is the standard offered by these authors throughout this document.

Why is this called 'The Crusade: A Mind Reader's ACAAN'?

To many in the magic industry and to card magic enthusiasts especially, the 'Any Card At Any Number' plot is a cherished and well-loved miracle. It's perfect execution is so highly prized and sought after that it is popularly referred to among card enthusiasts as the 'Holy Grail'.

That begs the question - was this title merely a clever play on words?

It is true that the Crusades and The Holy Grail are linked in popular lore. But while the association is interesting, there is more at work here than just opportunistic wordplay.

You see, the Holy Grail was the destination, the final prize at the end of these stories of persistent knights and daunting expeditions, whether they have their basis in fact or fiction. It bears emphasizing once more – the Grail was the destination.

The merits of the ACAAN effect have been argued back and forth for many years in the magic community.

For some, their appreciation for the effect is akin to that of a fine wine and their devotion to it never wavers.

Others, however, despise the plot and note sourly that the reaction from the audience is frequently less than enthusiastic. One person names a card and the other names a number and lo and behold – they match!

It is over so quickly that it often plays as a puzzle rather than as an amazing feat that fills a person with wonder.

The argument rages back and forth, and fruitful and enlightening perspectives have emerged. Some claim that the weaknesses lie in a lack of performance ability. Others argue that the plot is fundamentally unappealing to any demographic but magicians.

The most experienced among us have consistently demonstrated that an individual will fail to recall the workings of a puzzle, but when they are escorted into an experience that fills them with wonder - when you take them on a journey that creates that wonder - they will never forget their sense of amazement or the guide that lit their path.

So, in the title 'The Crusade', you have a reminder that what you are presenting is about the journey and not the mythical Holy Grail that is at the end of it.

In folklore, the term 'Crusade' has also shaken off its religious overtones and become synonymous for a period of endeavor and path to improvement – the path, mind you, NOT the destination – which, in many ACAAN plots is arrived at too quickly to have any impact.

One other important point about the title of this book. The root of the word 'Crusade' is the Latin word cruc or crux – meaning cross.

And, of course, a cross is formed at two points of intersection. And what is an intersection but the place where the roads taken by two different travelers on two unique journeys meet?

This moment of meeting is what 'The Crusade' allows you to create. When the card that one person only thought of intersects at the number another person only thought of – the journey that you created for each of them becomes the destination, and an experience is formed that will create a sense of amazement whose memory will never fade.

To a performer, that is The Holy Grail.

And the path to the Grail is through the Crusade.

No gimmicks and you can use a borrowed deck.
Participant can shuffle the deck.
No setup, reset, or memory work required.
Requires no sleight of hand and does not rely on DR or stooges.
Can be repeated immediately with a different result.

The e-book is 44 pages long and offers an opportunity to astound your audience with an impossible and satisfying piece of mind reading!

Image result for Andrew Brown and Atlas Brookings-The CRUSADE

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Shy by Smagic Productions

A magic will be more convincible if the spectator have full control over everything they are watching.
Like you can make the coin with spectator's signature disappear and then it comes back inside the card with the help from his hand. When I said inside, I literally meant "inside". It means the spectator gotta tear the card apart in order to get the coin back.
It is Shy, a visual effect couldnt be more convincible.
With Shy, everything is easy to set up and you are ready to perform anywhere, anytime.
A beautiful deceiving design made for the perfectionist and dedicated artist. It should be in your collection. This is Shy


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B'Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo

B'Wave DELUXE by Max Maven presented by Nick Locapo

Three phases, each one more impossible than the last. Strong enough to stand on its own, or as a finale

Prediction of a thought of queen, with a three phase revelation.
You bring out four cards and ask your spectator to name any queen. You then cleanly spread those four cards on the table. The only face up card is the chosen queen. Then you turn it over and its back is a different color than from the rest of the cards. As further proof that you already knew queen they would say, you turn over the rest of the cards and they are all completely blank.
Powerful effect with little setup.
Three phase construction builds to a dramatic conclusion
Takes up little space (1mm) in wallet, and can be with you at all times.
Requires no sleight of hand
Can be performed as a mental demonstration (prediction) or as a magical effect

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3   Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10
ANDANTE Murder Mystery by Andreas Dante

ANDANTE Murder Mystery by Andreas Dante

This is the ultimate murder mystery game for you: propless, impromptu and without limitations.

Meet a group of strangers and ask them to play a murder mystery game with you: In your absence they define who plays the murderer in the group. Each individually decides to be either a shameless liar or an honest truth teller. Once you are back you are in the role of Dr. Lightman from "Lie to me". You ask very few and simple questions, look into their eyes, check their mimics and find out who are the liars and who is the murderer.

This is propless mentalism that needs no stooges, no mathematics, no psychological skills and is still 100% sure fire every single time. 
You get full participant involvement: From 3 to more than 20 participants - so it also plays big on large stages.

The Facts:
- 100% impromptu - no setup & instant reset!
- No gimmicks required
- 100% Sure fire - every single time!
- Very easy for participants - they just say: yes or no
- Works with complete strangers
- Works in any language
- No preshow or stooges
- No fishing
- 100% angle proof
- No sleight of hands, no mathematics 
- Best suitable for parties, table hopping and stage

Teaching material: PDF with illustrations

Image result for ANDANTEMurderMystery

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Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor

Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor

Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross Tayler 

As close to real billet-less name guess. 

Imagine... In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. They name a few random letters, including letters from the name. The name is not written down anywhere and exists only in their mind. And you instantly tell them the name they are thinking of. 

This is exactly what you DO. There are no billets, tears or peeks. Simply the words you use and the illusion they create, are all you need to be able to accurately guess a name, most of the time. Like real mind reading, you may at times miss. Under impossible circumstances the vast majority of the time you will be correct. 

Never before has this been possible, with such a stream-lined method. The process takes no time at all and is literally over in a few seconds. 

This is a must have for close up workers who desire to perform realistic mind reading as completely prop-less, as possible. 

Fraser says that OUIJA is a dream come true and a real breakthrough for him and his work, in terms of practical methods to guess any name (or potentially any word). Once you have OUIJA in your mind, you need literally nothing else. Another person's mind and words are all that are used. It can even be performed over Skype
Image result for Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor

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                                                                                                      Thanks to Ayan Mukherjee

Any Shuffled Deck - Self-Working Impromptu Miracles by Big Blind Media

This is the ULTIMATE collection of totally impromptu, any shuffled deck in use, self-working card tricks ever! 

Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed. Someone hands you a deck, and you'll be ready to fry their minds with TEN incredible self-working miracles. And these are NOT transparent, underwhelming tricks. Seriously impressive, reputation making magic. Self-working these routines may be, but they will still make you look like a card magic ninja! 

EVERY routine starts from a borrowed, shuffled deck in use. 
Zero sleight of hand required. 
Use ANY deck of cards. 
Be ready to perform anywhere, any time with any deck. 

Interstellar OOTW
Gemini Location
Silly Questions
Wheel of Fortune
Jack's Poker
Salto Triumph
Last to Turn Up
Invisible Dice
One Over the Eight

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Pat 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Kill Bill by Ari Bhojez presented by Dan Harlan

A torn and restored card using a signed borrowed dollar bill

A torn and restored effect using a signed borrowed dollar bill.
The magician asks the spectator for a dollar bill and to sign the face. Magician then introduces a Joker and folds the Joker over the signed bill.
Magician then rips everything in half. Magician then folds the torn pieces on top of each other and asks the spectator to pull on the corners of the ripped bill.

When the spectator pulls the pieces out, they're completely restored.

- A torn and restored card using a signed borrowed dollar bill.
- Very easy to do.
- Great for walk around or close up magic.
- Can be carried with you at all times

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Fruitfull by Juan Pablo

A borrowed and signed bill vanishes from between the magician's hands and reappears into any freely selected fruit. Another workable, practical and clever idea created by Juan Pablo

No palming
No bill switch
Use any bill , borrowed and signed
Only one bill is used
No prepared fruit
Use any fruit, vegetable or bread
No reset, it is always ready to be performed
Includes gimmicks and an instructional DVD

V-Coin by Ninh

You borrow a coin from the audience, then tell them to sign the coin. Next you put the coin on the floor. You then step on the coin and immediately slide your foot from your shoe, revealing that the coin is totally inside!.

The gimmick is simple and easy to implement.
Use a borrowed coin from the audience
Totally improvised.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Fred by Any Other Name by John Bannon

A true worker's dream. A miracle from the king of clever card tricks that PACKS FLAT, PLAYS BIG and uses ANY DECK

John Bannon is arguably the cleverest card trick inventor alive today, and this is the perfect example of his brilliance

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  PDF DOWNLOAD

Magnecap by Zihu

With Magnecap you are able to defy the laws of physics

A three phase routine that you will demonstrate to your audience your ability of suspending a drink bottle. You unscrew the bottle cap and by touching the rim of the bottle with the cap you can suspend the bottle vertically. You then follow by suspending the bottle horizontally. The bottle can be borrowed and examined at the end.

Custom gimmicks supplied

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Moving Home by Sansminds

Almost everyone carries a mobile phone these days. Most people probably knows more about their phone than their family. 

What if you can manipulate the beloved phone for a brief moment?

SansMinds Creative Lab is proud to present you the first of its kind. A phone manipulation effect that has never been done before. 

Moving Home allows you to move the location of a working home button. 

Each phase the routine crushes your spectator’s reality more and more. 

You have to check out the live demo to experience the full three-phase routine

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10